SonicGear SPACE 5 Review

Most of us should be pretty familiar with the SonicGear brand. The Singapore-based company manufactures a wide range of audio products including portable wireless speaker to wireless headphones. You might even be familiar with their gaming products that are branded under its Armaggeddon brand.

Today, we will be taking a look at the SonicGear SPACE 5 – the mid-tier model speaker in the company’s latest SPACE PC Speaker series.

The SonicGear SPACE series consist of 3 models; the SPACE 3, 5 and 7. The lowest-tier SPACE 3 is a 21. system without the remote control pod while the SPACE 5 & 7 comes with a wired remote, which gives you access to most of the speaker’s control right on your desktop.

The remote control is connected to the subwoofer via a USB and 3.5mm audio cable. Taking into consideration how most people are using laptops and smart devices for entertainment, SonicGear has included Bluetooth 4.2 functionality into these PC speakers. In essence, the remote control acts as a Bluetooth receiver which draws power from the USB while the 3.5mm cable transmit the audio from the receiver to the subwoofer.

Besides acting as a volume control and Bluetooth receiver, the remote control also houses a microSD card slot, multi-function control wheel, mode button, line-in jack and headphone out jack (for private music listening on your headphones).

The remote control itself is made entirely out of plastic and has a rubberised bottom to prevent the controller from moving about on the table. I quite like the size and feel of the controller and the fact that it doesn’t have a layer of rubber coating which might gets sticky after an extended period of time.

 With the SPACE series, SonicGear is claiming that it provides “Unbelievably Powerful Bass From Ultra Compact Woofer”. And ultra compact is what the subwoofer really is!

It is no larger than my 10.5″ iPad Pro and can be easily held up by a single hand, making it easily one of the smallest subwoofer I have seen in a desktop 2.1 speaker system.

The problem with 2.1 speaker system is always the wire clutter and the SPACE 5 would be no different. The subwoofer comes with an undetachable power cable and you would need to connect 4 other wires (line-in, left/right channel speaker and USB) for it to work. The bass of the subwoofer can also be adjusted via a knob. But thankfully, you can place the subwoofer on the floor or by the side to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

  The satellite speakers are powered by two 2″ full range drivers on each side with an output power of 7W. Acoustically, they are angled slightly upwards to face the user for better audio projection. SonicGear says that the satellites pack 7W of power each, allowing it to provide room filling audio effortlessly.

In my own test, the satellite managed to produce prominent highs but the mids are a little lacking. The SPACE 5 handled most genre of music pretty but while the speakers can get pretty loud at max volume, you do get some distortion. Bass-wise, you will likely need to adjust the level of bass as even at 60%, it sounds overly boomy for my small bedroom.

Many companies have stopped producing PC speakers as the trend moves towards portable Bluetooth speaker. SonicGear’s latest SPACE series doesn’t change the wheel,  but the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity has somehow made the PC speaker relevant again.

If you are looking for a desktop speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, wired control and an ultra-compact subwoofer, the SonicGear SPACE 5 is easy to recommend at SGD$59.90.

Specs SonicGear SPACE 5
Bluetooth 4.2
Connectivity Bluetooth/ AUX-in/ microSD
Driver 2 x 2" full ranger
Output power 2 x 7W
Subwoofer 3.5" – 16W
Frequency range 60Hz – 18KHz
Total System Power 30W

Purchase the SonicGear SPACE 5 here.

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