SonicGear introduces 3 new desktop speakers: the SPACE 3, SPACE 5 and SPACE 7

SonicGear has introduced a new SPACE series which feature 3 new 2.1 desktop speakers.

The SPACE 3, SPACE 5, and SPACE 7 are desktop speakers designed for the PC that promise to deliver “Hi-Fi quality audio” in a sleek package and an affordable price. The key selling point of these speakers is the small and slim subwoofer – one that the company says is easily half the size of competitor’s subwoofer.

Besides the subwoofer, each SPACE also comes with 2 satellite speakers that are powered by a single 3.5” driver.

Connectivity wise, every SPACE variant comes equipped with Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX playback options, while the more expensive SPACE 5 and 7 come with an added desktop controller that lets you adjust volume, as well as allow music playback via a Micro SD card.

Pricing-wise, the entry-level SPACE 3 will retail for S$49.90, the mid-tier SPACE 5 for S$69.90, and the high-end SPACE 7 for S$99.90.

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