Nomad Rugged Cables Review

My first experience with Nomad went back years ago when they came out the innovative Chargecard – a Kickstarter project that puts a lightning cable into the form of a card. The campaign raised U$161,897 and the rest as they say is history.

Now, Nomad creates well designed products that keep our mobile devices powered on-the-go. This ranges from portable batteries to Apple Watch accessories to mobile phone cables. The new rugged cable series are the latest accessories from the company.

Image credit: Nomad Goods
The Nomad rugged cable series comes in 3 different versions: Lightning Cable, 3-in-1 Universal Cable, and Battery Cable. While these look like normal cables, there is a considerable amount of technology and consideration that has gone into making them.

Besides being tangle-resistant, the cables are braided with ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance and also reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync The ballistic weave pattern were developed for military use which means if it’s tough enough for the army, it’s tough enough for us.

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

The NOMAD Ultra Rugged Battery Cable comes with a 2350mAh Battery that is connected to the cable. It weights 115g and is 1.5m in length. In terms of compatibility, the cable is MFI-certified and will work with your iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad and iPhone 5 through 7 Plus.

The Battery Cable is also smart enough to prioritize charging your phone first before charging the internal battery. An indicator light on the battery also tells you the state of charge and remaining power.

The concept is simple yet ingenious. Charge your iPhone using the Ultra Rugged Battery Cable during the night and before leaving home the next morning, simply throw the cable into your bag and you get a fully charged portable battery bank with a lightning cable to last you for the day.

NOMAD Ultra Rugged Universal Cable

Similar to the battery cable, the universal cable is also made with the same ballistic nylon material and is also the same in length but weigh just 60g. It comes with an integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any modern mobile device like your iPhone and Android devices.

The main cable is a USB to micro USB connector that lets you charge and transfer data to legacy USB devices. There is also a MFI-certified lightning tip and the new USB Type C tip which allows you to charge the newer Android phones like the Huawei Mate 9 or LG V20.

Universal Cable Battery Cable
Length 1.5m 1.5m
Weight 60g 115g
Specs Ultra Rugged Nylon/Kevlar Core/PVC Jacket/LSR vulcanized silicone cable tie Ultra Rugged Nylon/Kevlar Core/PVC Jacket/2350 mAh high density lithium ion rechargeable battery
Cost U$34.99 U$39.99

The NOMAD Ultra Rugged Battery (U$39.99) and Universal Cable (U$35.99) aren’t cheap and you can tell from the moment you unbox the product. The cables come in a well designed hard matt box that would itself makes a great gift idea. After spending several weeks with the cable, I have to admit that there’s a difference with purchasing a U$40 cable as compared to a U$20 generic one. The cables are well-built, charges quickly and is easily a talking point for any one of your friends who have seen it.

From now till 28th Feb, use code “LUDACUS” to enjoy 15% off the cables when you purchase from the Nomad website.

Image credit: Nomad Goods
Special thanks to Nomad Goods for the review samples. 

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