DJI announces new Phantom 4 Advanced drone

DJI – the chinese drone’s company – has just announced a more affordable version of its Phantom 4 Pro drone.

Called the Phantom 4 Advanced, the new drone looks identical to the Phantom 4 Pro (US$1,499) with similar features at a lower price point.

In the Advanced version, DJI has included a new 1″ 20MP sensor camera that is cable of shooting 60 fps 4K video (with mechanical shutter and adjustable aperture) and capturing 20MP photos. The Phantom 4 Advanced also supports new automatic flight modes including Gesture, TapFly, ActiveTrack and Draw.

Battery life has also been increased to 30 minutes and the microSD expansion slot now supports up to 128GB of storage. For obstacle avoidance, the Advanced only has front and bottom facing sensors – unlike the pricier Pro version which supports obstacle avoidance on all 4 sides.

With the release of the Phantom 4 Advanced on 30 April, DJI will no longer be selling the entry level Phantom 4 drone.

Weight 1368g 1388g
Obstacle Avoidance Forward/Downward Forward/Backward/Downward
Camera 1" CMOS 1" CMOS
Pricing US$1349 US$1499

The Phantom 4 Advanced will be available from DJI website at a SRP of US$1,349 – a US$50 discount off the original Phantom 4’s selling price with more features. A Plus version which includes a controller with a 5.5″ Full HD screen will cost US$1,649.

Learn more about the Phantom 4 Advanced here.

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