Difference between DJI Osmo Mobile Vs Osmo Mobile 2

Mention handheld smartphone gimbal and chances are the name DJI Osmo mobile will pop up. Yes, DJI, the leader in consumer drones is also in the business of manufacturing gimbals. The DJI Osmo Mobile was launched late 2016 and slightly more than a year later, DJI followed up with the Osmo Mobile 2, a cheaper, lighter version of the original Osmo Mobile.

So what are the main differences between the original Osmo Mobile and Mobile 2?


The original Osmo Mobile is powered by the 980mAh Osmo Intelligent Battery (that cost S$65 a pop). It promises a battery life of about 4.5 hours per charge with an option of charging it on-the-go with a battery bank.

The Osmo Mobile 2 has a non-removable battery instead with about 3 times more battery life at 15 hours.


If you are used to using the Osmo Mobile, there would be a slight learning curve as the controls on the Mobile 2 are different from the original. The front trigger button is now gone, instead most of the original trigger functionalities have been integrated into the Mode/Power button. There is also a dedicated zoom slider at the side now.

Phone Holder

The original Osmo Mobile utitlizes a screw mechanism for its phone holder. That would basically require you to screw and unscrew the phone holder knob to hold the phone in place. The Osmo Mobile 2 on the other hand has a quick release clutch while you would need to pull both sides of the holder outwards to hold and release the phone. While the Osmo Mobile 2 might sounds more convenient to use, my initial impression of the gimbal is that the quick release clutch is hard to use for one handed operation.


The Osmo Mobile can only be charged using its proprietary Osmo Mobile Power Cable or the Osmo Intelligent Battery Charger. The Osmo Mobile 2 can be charged with any standard microUSB cable, making it more convenient.

One new feature on the Osmo Mobile 2 is that it also doubles up as a portable battery bank, charging your mobile devices during your travels.

Carrying Case

A carrying pouch with a lanyard is included with the Osmo Mobile. The Osmo Mobile 2 instead comes with a styrofoam hard case which is both fancy and will probably provide you with enough protection to check the Osmo Mobile 2 into your check-in baggage while on your holidays. However, due to the sheer size of the hard case, it might not be practical to carry it around or if you’re flying with limited baggage space.

Other Specs Differences:

Weight 501g 485g
Dimension  61.8×48.2×161.5 mm 295×113×72 mm
Color Black Dark Gray
Price S$299 S$199

So should you get the Osmo Mobile or the cheaper Osmo Mobile 2? Look out for my full review of the Osmo Mobile 2 coming up soon!

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