Audio House launches new online store and membership program

Audio House (you know, the one that used to be at The Liang Court?) – one of the largest home-grown electronics store in Singapore has now gone online with their very own online store!

The online store ( has over 2,800 products listed and now offers free lifetime membership and many other benefits.

Audio House Member’s Benefits

  • Free $60 cash vouchers (redeemable in S$20 denominations for every $100 spent).
  • Audio House members get $20 credit for every $100 spent (if you spend $1000, you get $200 worth of credits for your next purchase

However, if you sign up for the membership on 25th May (between 00:00 to 23:59)

  • Additional $40 credit with immediate sign up

See all Audio House Member benefits here.

Some star deals:

JBL Flip 3 – $139 with $40 credit ($20 for $100 spent + $20 bonus)

Electrolux Table Top Microwave – $109 with $40 credit ($20 for $100 spent + $20 bonus)

So mark your calendar and sign up for the Audio House Membership on the 25th May to get a total of $100 worth of cash credits!


This post was brought to you by Audio House.

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2 Thoughts to “Audio House launches new online store and membership program”

  1. Fabian

    Hi, the Cash Vouchers can be acquired through online or in Store purchase?

    1. ludacus

      It is acquired through purchase from their online store!

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